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Aikido is a martial art involving close physical contact which may be vigorous and physically demanding. While every care is taken to ensure that injuries do not occur, you will be asked to sign a form before commencing study in which you will acknowledge and accept the risk involved and which is intended to legally protect the instructors and your fellow practitioners.

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Note: Unless specifically stated otherwise, information, services or products mentioned in this website or any link are not, by virtue of being so mentioned, endorsed, approved of or recommended by PSAC nor is there any intention to create any legal relationship or obligation thereby | Nóta: Sa suíomh seo nó in aon nasc a gabhann leis, in easnamh ráiteas sonrach, ní chiallaíonn tagart do eolas, seirbhís, táirge nó ní ar bith, go n-aontaíonn an CASP leis ná go bhfuil dualgas nó gaol dlíthiúil i gceist nó le cruthú

Feel free to contact us at dojo@psac.ie.