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Friday, March 13, 2020

Training in health crisis

For the foreseeable future, following consultation with the management of St  Andrews, our current facilities remain available subject to conditions. 

It has always been our tradition to neither deliberately nor recklessly cause harm. This tradition will be maintained. Every practitioner is responsible for their own training.

Please keep up to date and follow the guidelines on https://www2.hse.ie/coronavirus/

Ensure you are reading the latest information on that site and information from established mainstream media sources, disregarding social media.

Training will be modified to reduce excessive hand contact, to eliminate contact with the head and face, to control breathing and to concentrate mostly on body conditioning.

It is a condition of training that, by coming on the mat, you:

1.  Give your fellow practitioners the assurance that you have read and are compliant with public health guidelines

2.  You have complied with required sanitisation procedures and used the facilities available in the dojo, repeatedly as necessary.

3.  Will inform us of any change in your health status

4. Bags and gear should not be placed on work surfaces